if you’re looking for a superstar i’m not the one you’re looking for

one of the good things about having a blog that barely anyone reads is that i know who my readers are for the most part. i have a general idea of the type of people that read the things that i write. i know the types of jobs that you guys have. i know where you’re coming from when you’re reading this.

and if i’m not mistaken, i don’t think a single person reading this works in a church full-time.

you all have “real” jobs. you have to do something other than talk about jesus all of the time to make a living. you all spend much, if not all, of your time, energy, and money working on your job or your schoolwork or whatever it is that you do.

the idea of going out and trying to reach the world for jesus on top of all of that other stuff is simply exhausting to think about.

you have to get up early to go to work. then when you leave at five (if you’re lucky) you are dead tired. when you get home you’ve got to cook dinner, pay bills, clean the house, wash clothes, or one of 100 other things. there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs to get done. how are you supposed to find the time to be super christian?

i’m right there with you.

i know that i should do more. i know that i should share my faith more. i know that i should do more in my church. even more than knowing that i should do these things, i know that i want to do them. i know that i want to do more. i know that i want to share my faith more. i know that i want to do more in my church.

but that night i have an event to work.

and i can’t go do that because i’ve got a paper i need to write.

and yeah, i’d absolutely love to help with that, but i don’t have the time to do it this week.

does that sound familiar? i’m guessing that it does.

on sunday i was watching the superbowl. i was just hanging out by myself at home relaxing and watching the game. i was pulling for the colts but didn’t really care who won. i just wanted to escape and be entertained for four hours.

on one of the first media breaks, cbs ran a doritos commercial. it was the one where the man was telling the dog to bark for the chip. the dog couldn’t bark because he was wearing one of those shock collars. the dog decided to get even with the man and put the collar on him and then started barking.

it was made by a liberty grad.

when the next media break rolled around, cbs played another doritos commercial. this one was one where a guy faked his own death and was laying in a casket full of the delicious nacho cheese flavored chips watching a game. he ended up getting too excited and blew the whole prank.

it was made by mosaic church in california.

soon after that, the colts had a fourth down in field goal range. they trotted out their field goal kicker to try and get three points on the board. they snapped the ball, the kicker kicked it, and the ball went through the uprights. after the kick, the kicker pointed to the skies. the announcer in the game said that the kicker points to the skies as a religious symbol on every kick no matter if he makes it or not.

in a span of 45 minutes, a record audience saw three things from three christian people.

three people used their job and their abilities in a way that reached millions upon millions of people.

mosaic church knew that if their commercial got aired people would be talking about their church. they knew that with people talking about their church, they had a wide-open door to walk through and start talking about jesus.

the kicker for the colts knew that publicly praising god no matter the result of his kick would draw the attention of the people around him. he knew that when they saw that over and over, they would ask what his deal was.

they were intentional.

and that’s what we have to do.

we may not have time to go out and volunteer with these events. we may be too busy to do all of the things that we want to do. we may not have the resources to become the super christian.

we’d be kidding ourselves if we thought that all of the people that we work with are christians. that’s just dumb. it’d be awesome if that was the case but i highly doubt that it is. if we’re going to be stuck at work, or stuck in school going to class, or wherever else it is that we’re stuck, we need to at least make the best of the situation. we need to be open about our faith. we need to look for opportunities to show jesus to the people around us.

it doesn’t take much to do this. maybe it’s simply having a better mood and being encouraging to other people. maybe it’s bringing someone coffee just for the heck of it. maybe it’s just being there when someone wants to vent. eventually the people around you are going to wonder why you are the way that you are and bam, there’s your door to start talking about jesus.

when we’re intentional about looking for open doors, god is intentional in opening them.

the world doesn’t need the super christian. it simply needs the intentional christian.

say your prayers and take your vitamins.

have a nice day.


10 thoughts on “if you’re looking for a superstar i’m not the one you’re looking for

  1. Great perspective. And I am no longer a fulltime church worker even though I was for most of this past year. Frankly the experience has invigorated me in my corporate field to seize opportunities to tell others about Christ. And being in the professional world, I certainly encounter considerably more lost than hanging around a church staff all day.

  2. Hey Jonathan, I don’t ever read your blog but your status caught my attention. I agree with what you are saying…i think i would add a couple things. Over the last 2 years my husband and I have been raising support to go to the mission field. When we began we envisioned God using us in this huge grandiose manner to win people to Christ. Well, after 2 years and practically failing to raise the support, God has taught us alot. For the first 8 months, we sat around waiting to “start” our ministry. Then, one day something clicked…God’s using us here, in the middle of nowhere Indiana. Instead of focusing on this huge thing we began to realize that God wanted us to reach out to the people in front of us. We have gotten really involved in our church and through that a small group. These people went from strangers to us to the people we are sharing Jesus with. Most of the people in our group are new Christians or interested in becoming Christians. The moral of my rambling…I believe sometimes that God doesn’t ask us to shout from mountain tops, I believe sometimes it’s a few people at a time that we can fully devote our time and attention too. simple. organic. authentic. I believe that as strangers to people, we aren’t going to reach them. They need to know us and trust us. I feel like so much of my life was waisted not talking to people about Jesus. I was never intentional…always waiting for the right moment to act. I know in my heart that it’s the moment we choose to act when God grabs hold of our hearts to speak his words. I think that’s the thing people need to realize. God is waiting for us to move…sure, he leads us and guides us but we have to open our mouths. our feet have to take the steps. Anyways, I just thought I would share my thoughts…enjoyed reading yours :)

  3. first off, i would’ve recognized you without the parenthesis. just sayin. haha.

    second, i agree with pretty much everything you said. i have to remind myself of it at times because i’m stuck in school and working a job where i can’t do the ministry stuff that i want to. i see the end of seminary coming up and the idea of getting into a church full time and it’s what i really want so it’s frustrating not having it. i’m sure italy was the same way with you guys.

    thanks a ton for reading. check out some other posts if you want. i occasionally have something smart to say.

  4. you never know…anyways, how much longer do you have left in seminary and what are you getting your masters in? for us, we feel like we just need the right church to give us a chance. I know God has the right place for us out there and right now we are just letting him use us here while we wait. We are just so tired of living in transition. Ever since Clover was born we just want to be settled somewhere. Anyways, I hope you make it through seminary ok. I’m sure God has a great place out there for you to minister.

  5. i’m done in may with my first degree. it’s a master of arts in student ministry. after that i’ll only be four classes away from a master of arts in evangelism and church planting.

  6. cool man. i have an associates in bible. i like to think i have a bachelors in wifehood and am working on my masters in stay at moming. will you try to get a job at a church? or would you like to plant a church?

  7. I am looking at jobs in younger church plants hopefully although I’m supposed to talk to a few guys that are planting a church soon. I know nothing about it so I have no clue if that’s what’s right or not. I figure if I keep looking eventually the right door will open.

  8. Hey–found your blog from Stuff Christians Like. I really liked this post. My goal in life was to be a missionary to unreached people groups. I graduated from nursing school and pursued this dream and ended up working with the Baima people group in China. Then everything came crashing down, I developed some health problems, and ended up moving back to Mississippi. Now I live in a trailer, work at a clinic, make enough to pay the bills and have enough bills to make me work. It frustrates me to feel like I don’t have time to do “God’s work” anymore because when I’m not working, I’m too darn tired to do anything. I try to remind myself that God’s work is whatever he has called me to do, and right now, that’s right here (obviously, since I’ve tried repeatedly to move to anywhere but Mississippi and it’s never worked out). So thanks for reminding me to be an intentional Christian, instead of trying out for SuperChristian again. (I failed tryouts several years running. I finally had to admit I wasn’t cut out for it, even though the cape was just adorable on me. =] )

    Just wanted to let you know God used your intentional blog to bless me. Thanks.

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