This week in promos (02/05/11)

Here are the promo slides, post cards, etc that I’ve created over the past week or so to use for FUEL:

AWAKE promo slide:

Freedom 4/24 Challenge slide:

Spoonsfest promo slide:

Wyoming Parent Meeting postcard:

Best Sex Ever promo slide:

Best Sex Ever Battle of the Sexes slide:

Formspring promo slide:

We use this one every week but I don’t think I’ve ever put it on here. It’s a list of songs that we’re going to play during worship and it goes in our announcement scroll before we start:

To go along with our Best Sex Ever series, we’ve invited our students to ask us any question they have on Formspring. This allows them to ask us the question completely anonymously. We’ve had some great questions so far and our goal is to answer at least one question every day. Here are the two videos we’ve made so far:

We played a game on Wednesday night where we put pedometers on our students heads and tried to see who could register the most steps. To promo the game, me and our middle school intern made this video:

Lastly, this was the video we used as a bumper video for FUEL this week:


What are your thoughts?

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