The least sexy blog post you’ll ever read

least sexyThere’s been a cool thing that’s happened over the past couple years: chasing your dreams has become sexy.

We’ve become people who aren’t content working 9-5 just to pay the bills. Instead, we want to feel like we’re making an impact. Or we want to actually make an impact.

Millenials, for all their shortcomings, are a generation who would rather take less money and do what they believe in than make more by working a job they hate.

And that’s awesome.

What we tend to forget to talk about is the unsexy side of chasing your dreams.

The times we get told no.

The ways negative news tends to come all at once.

The emotional roller coaster of the process.

Last week I had a hard day. The reality of losing half my income in three weeks started to hit home and I got scared.

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The biggest risk I’ve ever taken and 3 ways you can help

biggest riskA crazy thing happens when you write about chasing your dreams: you end up remembering what they are.

A few weeks ago I wrote about walking in the middle of the road to create space to dream. On the day I wrote that post, I had a thought pop in my head while walking the dog:

What would it look like to be a freelance graphic designer working with churches and people to impact the world?

By the time the dog and I got back to my house, I’d pushed the thought to the back of my head as a dream that could one day happen.

Over the course of the weeks after that intial thought, the idea kept coming back over and over. For the last 20 months or so, I’ve had an uneasiness within me saying there was something more out there for me. I never could put my finger on what exactly it was, but I always knew it was there. Maybe this idea, this dream, was what was next.

I processed things with a lot of people to see if there was even a market for my idea. To my surprise, every person I asked said the same thing: there’s definitely a market for it. I’ve just got to find the right people to partner with.

About a month ago I began conversations with the leadership of my church. As I told them my ideas and my dreams, they were on board with them. I remember my executive pastor telling me he knew there was a higher calling on my life and this idea would let me reach it.

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It’s time to stop protecting your comfort and screw up your life

comfortI’m writing this post on my couch with my feet propped up on the table in front of me. It’s cold outside but I’m comfortable because we were able to pay the gas bill. My dog is across the room taking a nap. There’s a Dr. Pepper next to me and music playing around me.

My wife and I don’t have everything we want, but we definitely have everything we need. We haven’t gone on lavish vacations but we get to go home to see family this week. An unexpected payment to fix my car hit us last week but it’s not going to cripple us.

By every definition I’m comfortable.

As I read the Bible, I see dudes who were also comfortable. They had their normal life they’d spent years crafting and learning to love. They woke up, did their routine, hung out with the people they cared about, and went to bed. It may have been mundane, but at least it was comfortable.

All these guys have one thing in common: at some point, they all put everything on the line to go after what God was calling them to. They knew they might be screwing up their life but they believed in something bigger than themselves and went for it. They pushed past knowing people would make fun of them. They knew people wouldn’t understand what they were doing. They risked everything to go after the potential of something. Continue reading

Three simple ways to change the world

change the worldOver the weekend I spoke to a group of about 50 twenty-something’s and their leaders. In the opening talk on Friday night, I went on an unplanned rabbit trail about being obsessed with changing the world. It was a Biblical message mixed with motivational speech and a little bit desperate pleading for others to join me.

It’s true: I’m obsessed with changing the world.

It’s also true that I can’t do it without you.

With that said, here are three simple ways for you to begin changing the world.  Continue reading

What if you aren’t supposed to be good enough?

good enoughWhat if we aren’t supposed to be good enough?

What if we aren’t supposed to know what we’re doing?

What if the entire point of life isn’t to be smart enough or talented enough, but simply willing to try?

What if failure is okay?

What if failure is even encouraged?

What if you couldn’t fail?

What if failing only meant not trying?

What if it’s not about feeling safe?

What if it’s about being scared to death to try but even more scared not to? Continue reading

Four ways to chase your calling without getting fired from your day job

dont get firedOn Tuesday, I published a post talking about why you should be living for more than your day job. It’s my belief that while some of us are meant to chase a crazy dream and do it full time, most of us have a diverse set of gifts that could never be put into one sole job description.

You’re a video guy who loves playing music and investing in others.

You’re a mom with a marketing degree who enjoys baking for others.

You’re a student majoring in business but also have a passion for people around the world.

Whatever it is, your calling – the unique wiring that only you have – can’t fit into a normal day job.

While it’s important to chase after all the things God has called you to do, it’s even more important to do it the right way. You can’t neglect your day job in pursuit of your dreams.

Well, unless you don’t enjoy eating, having a place to live, and semi-affordable health insurance. Continue reading

Why you should be living for more than your day job

day jobOne of my biggest influences is a guy named Jon Acuff. Jon (I can call him Jon because I met him once for twelve seconds and he’s tweeted to me. We’re BFFs now.) is a writer, speaker, and a lot of other things. His claim to fame was a little blog I discovered in college called Stuff Christians Like. A guy was making fun of Christian culture while I was in school at the Christian culture capital of the world? Yeah. I’ll read that.

The crazy thing about SCL was that it was amazingly popular while Jon still worked a desk job. Once the blog started taking off, Jon started getting invited to speak at churches and small events. He tells stories of leaving work on Friday afternoon, flying to a weekend speaking engagement, then flying home only to go back to work on Monday morning.

Eventually Jon was able to leave his boring desk job and chase his dream job. Since then he’s written four books in four years, quit his dream job to chase his real dream, and become one of the most popular speakers in the country.

One of Jon’s first books was titled, “Quitter: Closing The Gap Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job.” In the book, Jon talks about how to go after your dream job without quitting your day job right away. The end goal, however, is that one day you do quit your desk job for your dream job, but only after a time of preparing and planning.

No offense to Jon, but I’m beginning to wonder if you even need to quit in the first place? Continue reading