A story to make you smile; or why I’m not winning husband of the year

A story to make you smileNicole had a meeting at 7AM on the morning of Wednesday, September 24. This meant she had to wake up around 6AM to get ready for work. I generally wake up with her but, seeing as this was at the butt crack of dawn, I turned over and went back to sleep when she got out of bed.

A few minutes later – Nicole says five; I wouldn’t know because I was asleep – I heard Nicole say, “Hey. Hey!” to wake me up. I turned over in the dark room and she was holding her phone with the flashlight shining on something.

“Hey. Look at this.”

Being half asleep and completely groggy, I had no clue what she was holding. I asked what it was and she just told me to look at it. I still couldn’t see it so I asked her again what it was. Continue reading


A letter to the baby in my wife’s belly

baby letterHey little buddy.

We don’t know each other, but I’m going to be your dad. Yeah, that sounds weird to me too. I haven’t met you yet, but I did get to see you the other day. You look a lot like a little chicken nugget growing in Nicole’s belly. You’ll grow out of that phase soon and hopefully look a lot like your mom. We also got to hear your heart beat. That thing’s pumping away getting you ready to come out here and be with us. The doctor says you’re right on track and we should get to see you in just over six months.

Before you get here, I want to take a minute to tell you a few things. You won’t remember any of them, but they’re things I wish I would’ve known when I was your age. Continue reading

On Ray Rice and Marriage

bal-ray-rice-marries-janay-palmer-amid-assault-001I got married on April 28, 2012; or less than two and a half years ago. I’m by no means an expert on marriage, but it’s something I hold in high regard. For as long as I remember, even back to high school, marriage was something I looked forward to. I watched my parents and their marriage. I watched my grandparents. I watched my friends’ parents. I even watched TV marriages.

If it was about marriage, I wanted to know about it.

Within a couple months of dating Nicole, we started talking about marriage. We knew we weren’t ready for it, but we both had an end goal of marriage. We didn’t put pressure on our relationship to force things, but we also didn’t want to avoid the topic. It was something we valued so it became something we talked about. Continue reading

Needing people doesn’t make you needy

the story i’m about to tell you may get me in trouble with my wife, but i’m pretty sure it’s worth it.

i came down with some type of cold/allergies/sinus death for a couple of days at the end of last month. it was one of those deals where it doesn’t completely knock you out, but makes you feel pretty useless. we’ve all been there, right?

other than me feeling like i wanted to rip my sinuses out, the night was pretty normal. i was sitting on the couch. nicole was across the room. the tv was on but the volume was down. our puppy was barking every two seconds either to go outside or to come back in. normal tuesday night in the carone house.

as we sat there, nicole started telling me about her day. it’s been a rough time at work so she was venting a little bit, complaining a little bit, and really just getting things off her chest. i laid there listening the best i could between trying to figure out how to breathe and not falling asleep. at one point, right in the middle of a sentence, nicole stopped talking, looked at me, and said something that caught my attention:

Continue reading