Two words that can change the world; or why you should eat a burrito for lunch

two words
There are two things we all know not to talk about in public: politics and religion.

A couple weeks ago I did both.

Nicole and I were out to eat lunch one day and somehow got on the topic of the rapture. Totally random, I know. So there we are, talking about Jesus coming back while eating burritos and queso. As we’re going back and forth, I realized pretty quickly that our opinion on the subject as different. We questioned each other, genuinely interested in what the other believed, and went about eating the burritos.

A little while later we started talking about what’s been happening recently in politics. Again, we disagreed. And we kept talking and asking questions while genuinely listening to each other.

We didn’t agree.

We didn’t get mad.

We didn’t raise our voices.

We talked, asked questions, and agreed to disagree.

On the drive home from the burrito place, I started to process the conversation. How were we able to fundamentally disagree about things but still talk about them? I was looking for a giant existential revelation about how smart we were and how we were better people than most. Instead, it came down to two simple principles: Continue reading