The challenge of my cracking voice

VoiceThis was originally posted August 22, 2011.

This week at FUEL we’re kicking off the school year with a brand new series called Radical: A Life Of Fanatical Faith. Over the next four weeks we’re going to talk about what it means to live with radical faith. It’s going to be a super practical series and should challenge our students in some awesome ways.

It started challenging me before it even had a chance to start challenging them.

I normally get “challenged” in a very routine way: I hear a talk on a topic or read a verse on a topic. I realize I’m not doing what that talk or verse says I should do. Then I realize I need to be doing what that talk or verse says. After that I think to myself, “Challenge accepted” and go about trying to conquer that challenge.

This one happened in a different way.

This one happened through my living out that fanatical faith in a way that I never had before. Continue reading